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Warrior Systems Analyst


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Halek's Loyal Companion


Mago, Halek's Systems Analyst, was once a leader among the illiterate Warrior Tribes on Kaharnok. However, he was also an avid bookworm, and spent much time at the Balangi Sacred Library. This was maintained by an elite caste of librarians, who took no lip from the rabble tribes that surrounded their island of culture.

Mago's life changed when he fell in love with the daughter of Gorak, their head librarian. This girl was uniquely beautiful and gracious, and maintained the card catalogue with greater skill than any other maiden. To win her heart and her hand, he offered his service to Gorak as Champion of the Reading Room.

Four days before Mago was due to claim his wife, Halek and his tribe came to town with Bethdariel to return an overdue book. Due to complications of Lizard Law, Mago was honor-bound to fight Halek in single combat. Failing to prevail over the WarChief, Mago was ousted from his position as Champion and Future Son-in Law.

Mago now enjoys travelling with the Clan of Six Teeth and hopes one day to reclaim his bride. His interests include bodysurfing, rollerblading, Estes rocket model kits, and running the extraterrestrial chapter of the Jane Badler fan club.

Barbara W. Manui, B.A. Companionology



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