He's Been Killed Already


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Having all the sensibilities of the average fantasy genre weasel, Grethos so epitomizes the petty envious schemer-type, that we decided he wasn't going to be around for long.

Born into the Clan of Six Teeth, Grethos for years set himself up as being more important than any other clan member, spinning his line until many actually believed it. But most didn't, really. Only a loophole in the Clan's Regiamputation Spirit Tradition allowed him to get the king's ear. For starters. While Halek was away at a class reunion, Grethos began playing paper dolls with the king– only the king played the doll. By the time Halek returned, there was not much left of king Karg Frun.

But there was enough of the ailing chief to appoint Halek WarChief, and tick Grethos off. So Grethos made some nasty remarks and headed straight through the dimensions to Benny Thorax, Halek's archenemy.

Benny handles our gratification for the fate of Grethos in Episode 4 of WARCHIEF: The Alumnus.



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