2005 Apr 07
d8 magazine
issues #3 - 5


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A b o u t   H O B


About d8 magazine.
In 1995, a group of sapient and savvy gamers and artists began d8 out of Philadelphia. Billed as "the magazine of roleplaying culture" it filled a very special niche in an industry dividing between storytellers and collectible card players. People like David DeCheser, Holly Black and Joe Cirillo all added their flair and insight into the periodical, but of course, it was simply too good to last.
We were honored that they enjoyed the story of Hob– it certainly wasn't for its relevance to gaming– and we were sorry to see d8 pass away, even as the Web began to take shape.  

About the story.
HOB is set in Ohio, during the failing months of 1990. That's a poetic way of saying "autumn".
HOB is a story of unexpected guests, on a rather broad scale.
New pages appear every Friday and every Monday until its conclusion in May, 2005. Here are the main characters:

HobThis is Mr. Hob. He lives on the outskirts of a suburban area of Ohio.
He is originally from very far away, and is not expecting any visitors from there.
He works as an egg candler at a nearby farm.

Sandy CharlesThis is Sandy Charles.
She has lived in the same refurbished apartment building
as Mr. Hob for only a couple of years, but has avoided
contact with him. She works as an associate manager at a
regional book distributor. Her company is entering hard times.

Mona Charles 
Mona Charles is Sandy's younger sister.
She has a boyfriend named Peter. They attend the University of Pittsburgh.
Sandy is not expecting her to visit.

You have heard of these beings before.
Can you remember their name? Or guess?
You may never have seen one. But they are right there, near you.
Do you know what they do?



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Our indicia, listed in d8 #3, Winter 1996– HOB's premiere issue– read like this:
Chris Adams has recently learned that paint comes in other colors than white and black, and is scaring himself with the results.
Barbara Manui will certainly save the world, but only for her own ends.
The issue also contained an interview with us that we may post one of these days.
For the latest info on us two, please check out our bio page.


HOB Copyright © 1996, 1997, 2005 Manui & Adams.