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The Only Bat In The Sky

Rejected for September, 1991.

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Persephone had arrived on the scene.
Originally, she was supposed to be a one-shot off-screen joke at the expense of Joe. We weren't sure what humiliations the Church of St. Nobian had in store for our favorite cleric, but that was pretty much all we were thinking of at the time.
When we submitted unrelated strips, Roger asked after Persephone. We told him we weren't sure that we wanted to make romance a bigger focus-- there was already Ogrek and Yamara, after all.
But from his wider perspective in Lake Geneva, Roger could see the winds blowing from Stone Mountain, and said, "Run with the vampire."
This was our first halting attempt to jog, since we hadn't really thought any of this relationship through. Here's a midnight encounter that wasn't quite as intense as its rewrite, when Persey showed up for the "first" time, at Joe's window.


Originally posted for SciFi.Con 11/1997
Content and coding modified for reposting at yamara.com 11/2001
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