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Rejected for May, 1991.

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The story had reached a strange crossroads. The Headpiece of FriNn had been returned, Fea captured and undergoing alignment overhaul, Yamara was mortal... again... and Ogrek had reappeared and moved in with her.
We thought Ogrek had had enough going his way, so we decided to see how his staff would react to the cramped quarters or something, and challenge him. Hence this episode.
Roger just didn't see Ogrek as a character that had defeat. So we went back to the drawing board, and wrote an episode wherein he offers a potion of halfling control to his new bride. Yamara's sarcastic but flattered response of "THAT's KINKY!" became a byword in Lake Geneva.
To date, Ogrek has never cracked a frown. Share with us now this arc of misfortune that naturally, never occured...

PS - For the record, he has opened his eyes. This he only does on special occasions in life...


Originally posted for SciFi.Con 11/1997
Content and coding modified for reposting at yamara.com 11/2001
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