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Returns in Valkyrie, Dork Tower
Alcott Squad Moves Online

Gotta get 'em all.
Above. Rella Nurse-Assassin exercises her discretion.

NEW YORK, 11/20 2000
The hour for YAMARA to return has arrived.

All-new episodes begin in Valkyrie with a look at what happened to Blag after his hospital stay, following his fall from an infinite height, and the disturbed woman who loves him.

As a special bonus, YAMARA fans can pick up the Dork Tower Winter Swimsuit Issue before Christmas, and see some their fave YAMARA and ALCOTT SQUAD characters in the latest seaside fashions.

Rella, Nurse-Assassin (pictured right) first appeared in a story in the Yamara book as the luckless hospital employee charged with caring for the lecherous Blag. In an hilarious turn, she interprets Blag's abuse of her trust as a cause for homicide, and her grim career was on a roll. (A subsequent story was published in an early YAMARA newsletter, available here: The Wyhtl Saga: Blag and Rella, Part II.)

But what about the heavy-hitters? Stress, Ralph, Persey & Joe, and the Yamster* herself? What happened to Ogrek? Is he decisively permanently dead, or only partially indefinately not alive? Well, looks like you'll be hunting down new copies of Valkyrie to find out!

Meanwhile, ALCOTT SQUAD™– the Yamara spinoff that was running this year in Valkyrie– will conclude its current storyline online. An online cartoon with the girls is also in production. Stay tuned!

Our thanks go out to John Kovalic for inviting us over to the Dork side for a bit! And our biggest thanks to all our devoted fans for asking for another helping of Yam.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
(For our British fans, that's an American holiday we've had since before we needed Presidents. Cheers!)


Doubt in Certification Means a Bush Win

NEW YORK, 17 November 2000
Exclusive to Radio Free Wyhtl

Forget all the dimpled snippy swing-door injunctive canvassing recusing and distracting political showmen in Florida– and the comedian/reporters who love them.
This is how it ends, as soon as any set of votes are certified or electors meet, voting for Dubya. Any objections after will float belly up to the surface, utterly moot. If you don't want to know how this wacky Presidential pageant ends, don't peek!

In related news, most news services worldwide have decided, after January 20, to enclose the word "President" in quotes when referring to the President of the United States. Some examples:

  • The "president" addressed Congress for his first State of the Union address.
  • "President" George W. Bush visited occupied California today.
  • People are paying less attention to "President" Gore than when he was Vice-President.

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