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Communism on the Rise Again

But first this essay about the Forks--


Cycles, kalpas, tulpas, and who in creation is Corinne Alpost anyway. I dunno, but I seem to be wearing her shoes. 1996 has been unanimously voted the Year of the Hoosier Game Designer with a Lumbering Gait. Remarkable how many of them you can find if you hang around the right bars. The worst of it is that I have been distracted from my main obligation for this year, which was, if you recall, to find out about the forks. Chris thinks that finding out about the forks is a simple process. He believes that if I were to tie Lynn Willis down and question him), that I would discover the truth about why he chose that particular piece of flatware for his After the Big One scenario-- and that this would lead us, like Scully and Mulder, to a revelation about the whole thing. I respect Mr. Willis, and I will not offend him thus. There is no fork conspiracy. There is absolutely no relationship between his use of forks and the persistent other references to forks, in other people's work, which Chris has found. His fork imagery, and Ben Edlund's spoon imagery, are entirely unrelated. Moreover, both tableware affections have no relation to anything in my psyche, since I bloody well don't remember anything about forks. I do believe that there is a fork situation out there, I don't think it's a big conspiracy like Chris does, but I do think that there's something forky going on. For now, let's term it Project Blue Plate ( To sum it for those who aren't peculiar like me and Chris, I believe that my generation is the first one to experience the larger sense of community which television made possible. We were hit in childhood by the first ripple of the ocean that has led to the internet. I believe there's an essential sameness between the active participation we share in a chatroom, and the passive participation undertaken by the collective audience of a TV broadcast. In both cases, we're placing ourselves in an artificial state of receptivity to data which comes to us from outside our control. In both cases, we're feeling and thinking in sympathetic harmony, as the stimulus moves us to do. The world changed abruptly the moment vast numbers of people could share the same vicarious experience, at the same time. More than radio, television gave us an alternative we could throw ourselves into. Soon, real soon, it'll be possible for any number of us to put on a few devices and simultaneously go through the same experience in a VR landscape, which has been lovingly designed to appeal to our hearts most intimately.

But what are the ramifications of this sharing? Believe me, I'm hard at work on a project like this now and I know how much effort we're giving toward pulling the heartstrings. Say it's ten years from now and there's some immersive piece which is popular. It's a romance-adventure, where the player/watcher has to go to Mars with their lover to save a Presidential candidate from a horrible plague. I sit down with my friends afterward and we talk about it. And we'll be sitting in a dusty coffeeshop drinking watery coffee and wondering if we're going to miss our train if we sit around so late, but our memories will be so keen. And I'll remember Carson, the hero, looking deep into my eyes and saying, "We gotta go in there. Or, I gotta. Sorry kid, you're staying here" and then everything going black as he knocks me out with a right to the jaw. And I'll wonder if my friends felt the same way I did when this part of the story happened to them. And some perky reviewer will be sitting on the morning news saying, "well when Carson knocked me out, I was really freaking, I mean I didn't know what the hell I was supposed to do or anything" and I'll know she was there too, but it didn't mean exactly the same thing to her. But what does this mean for us as people? Are we all going to have had the experience of having been the same hero, in the same trench? To what extent does this form us into a brotherhood? This, I believe, is what matters about the fork mystery. I think there are profound psychological ramifications to mass media entertainment, and I think that we must understand them, or run the risk of being manipulated by those who do. For all that, Corinne, you're a great girl and I'm proud to be wearing your shoes.  



We were gonna call it WARLORD, but either Marvel or DC has dibs on the name, or something. But hey, Marvel's in Chapter 11! Maybe we could swing a deal...

Oh, ahem. WARCHIEF: The Alumnus is the name of the mighty prequel to the Yamara corpus. It follows-- nay, pursues-- the adventures of the Clan of Six Teeth, an ancient tribe of dimensional nomads led by none other than HALEK BITH RE KORATHI, BA (Hons), Ogrek's ancestor and the first of his kind to have earned a bachelor's degree. The Scrolls of Written Things records Bethdariel, his voluptuous and unwrapped elf bride, as having spoken: "I, too, graduated college... but not with honors."

And all through the auspices of SHADIS magazine, and its editor the notably competent DJ Trindle. (Where does that woman get her high priests? "You know... the good  stuff!")




A roundtable was held to discuss the future of the industry and censorship problems like Joe Skipowski's. (See Radio Free Wyhtl #0.8), or the info on The Wizard's Site under "The Goods" below.) Barbara and Cora struggled to remove the stitches from Chris' knee. The Art Space was superior to previous years, due to traffic management, even if it meant packing up every evening. And rumors abounded of the con changing hands. Is Transcendental Meditation (Keyword to: the game industry's future? Only the staff of the Berkeley-Carteret know for certain. Multigenre: (908) 262-9249




Most of this time we spent in the bedroom at the Adam's Mark watching Martha play Daggerfall, which is way cool, and somebody should tell the Philcon committee to hold a con in the virtspace of that game! But it was different mix present than mere gamers-- there were-- pure sci-fi fans there. Just being in attendence made us want to write a short story centered on a neat idea, rather than character or plot. Chris thinks he passed in front of the immortal Fred Pohl, one of the nine original attendees of the first SF con in 1936-- but he isn't sure, and snuck off like a wimp, too shy to get his books signed. Philcon: (215) 957-4004




VICTORIA'S SECRET or, a billion dollars worth of technology, and what are we doing with it?

All those titles are meant to say, "Goodbye, Hong Kong! Guess you weren't worth nuclear winter, huh? Taiwan must be sleeping well tonight! Looks like the sun has set on the--" oh no wait, that's not until July. Sorry.

So, under the threat of impending Communism, we put forth our Resolutions for the year 1997:


Chris resolves to get the web Yamara strip drawn and rolling regularly before DREAMATION (see The Con Game below), stop the spread of Communism, and get S. John Ross a sketch of Blag before 1998.


Barbara resolves to listen to everything John says. (No I don't mean Zinser.)

To get rid of her passive roommate.

To run like hell from people who use a certain phrase when they describe themselves.

And most of all, to satisfy the fork situation. There's an issue still unresolved out there, and talking about forks won't do it. We gotta make it so.


And what do our characters resolve, having their secondary-created arms twisted behind their beloved backs?



Blag: Attend some more of them "mummings", especially the nude ones, and bring Rella along. Pose for that Ross thing. Drink.

Fea: Happiness. I get happy NOW, or you better go away. Y'know, for a popular and successful cv star, I  should be getting a lot more of this magazine and web exposure, instead of these  supposed people! I mean, Bethdariel?!?  She's been dead!!  For centuries!!! And what did she  ever have that I don't have?

Joe: Well, it's a new year and all, and I'd like to get Persey something she's never had or experienced. Of course, there was the marriage, but something else. What do you get a woman who's seven and a half times your age?

Stress: Invent a new principle of pain creation. REALLY get off the boat this year, after getting the others to be in the web strip with me. Watch Ogrek perish, and stay by his side through the autopsy.

Ogrek: Surprised as I am to hear myself say it, I'll have no need of special resolutions this year. Just a note to remind everyone that Yocchi isn't an underachiever, she's just overqualified. Before it's too late, naturally.

Persephone: Really live up to my namesake and surround myself with flowers and life this year. Find nature, and nature's bounty in edible funguses. And cows. Goats are okay, but cows lactate in quantity. Find the strength to confide in Joe about my growing mushroom obsession. But not the cheese. The cheese is my little secret.

Ralph: Open some of those letters from J.P. that have been piling up. They look threatening. Join a racquet club. Oh, what am I saying. I just want live to see another year.

Tring: (eerie tapping sounds)

Yamara: I resolve to survive this "new look" I'm being forced into on the web and in that Shadis ad. I dunno. Eat something fun for a change, and like it.




In case you haven't visited our website lately, we've been adding stuff on a regular basis, thanks to a refit of hardware and good old elbow grease. (Actually elbow grease's latest release, Wrist Grease 3.0.) We have even broken the GIF barrier, and new image files are beginning to sneak in, in a legible format. As ever, we are grateful to Double Exposure, Vinny Salzillo, and Steve Jackson and his for the room to groove:

We at Aetherco are also exploring a modern technological breakthrough that few have measured the implications of, but those that have are doing amazing things. We can't tell you more yet. It's a big invisible secret.



Curiously, Chris and friend Steve discovered the existence of the other web Yamara simultaneously, both of them performing web searches independently and in different locations. Oh loving fans of ours, do not be confused! I have had no communications from this woman in Novato, however pretty her site, and I have no knowledge of why she flatters me so sincerely, while refusing to buy the book over the internet. Marianne, if you're out there, say hi at least. Send up a flag, post an email, give us some indication of your friendship. Does she look exactly like me only with blonde hair? I gotta know. Man o man, woman, you are flirting with a couple of satirists here. Watch your step, you gonna get teased.



Whether it is meant to be a sly reference to "Get Smart" star Don Adams, or a simple qwerty mistake in finger placement ("and leave off the last "ris" for "risk venture"), a specialty card in the latest run of Galactic Empires is credited to a mysterious "Dan Adams" whose style and signature correspond in every detail to Aetherco's own Chris Adams. This is because the work really by Aetherco's own Chris Adams, who was not expecting to have to legally change his name.

The card is entitled "R/C5 Marine NCO" and is the brainchild of entrepreneur and Marine NCO Al Sidaras, and in terms of gameplay will be a welcome complement to any raiding crew. When approached at Dexcon, Chris gladly signed on to do work for Al and Galactic Empires, and found the rent-a-card approach Companion Games ( was taking to be fresh and innovative.

Companion Games Art Guy and self-proclaimed Confidential Coordinating First Chief Executive Deputy Assistant to the President, Andrew Smith has been faulted with the name error, though reports say he blames a weak Colombian coffee crop. He is sentenced to hit himself in the forehead repeatedly with a copy of Non-Sequitur Productions' Of Gods and Men rpg rules until he spells his own name wrong. On the plus side, he got the royalty check out on time, for which tip our hats. Andy is a great guy to work with, all kidding aside.




Tell me when the next picture's up. Also, guess what? I was paging throught the Yamara Anthology for the 42nd time when I finally got the Olthlay joke! Lolth in Pig Latin - Brilliant! Incidentally, you're a Hitchhiker's fan, aren't you. I can tell with the dolphin and white mice reference. Is Chris Adams related to Douglas Adams? Finally, what Internet sites to you go on (e.g RPGs. or hot topics.) That's it for now. May Olthlay keep your fingernails sharp!



[Well, Seth, the next picture, as it were, is up in SHADIS; as for the web Yamara, see Chris' resolution above, but check our site periodically, cause we get the itch to do weird stuff there sometimes.

The Hitchhickers Guide jokes are one too many, in fact, for which we apologize to Douglas Adams. We wanted to refer to every other scifi/fantasy satire vehicle we could think of (the guy in the bowler hat doubles for Magritte and Phil Foglio) but due to trusting too much in editing technology and not sleeping for the four days leading up to the book's deadline, we forgot to remove one or two of the three homages (Yamara killing a bug being the third). Chris doesn't know if he's related to Doug, but he's been told he's related to the Presidents, though not in direct descent. He is one of the first people in America to hear Hitchhiker's Guide on Starview 96.9 in the seventies, and for years, no one knew what he was on about.

We use the web to amuse others, not so much ourselves. If we really need something, we use Excite, and get there quickly.

Yeah, Olthlay, instead of Loth, Thlol, Lolly Tith, or other Post Office wall monikers. She's just Denise nowadays. Glad to be of service for your amusement, and thanks.]




I got my book in the mail awhile ago. Thanks for taking the time to sign it for me! It was great! Who knew that Yamara has had such a career! Not everyone can be a goddess and a plush toy in the same lifetime. Maybe the gang's adventures on Hard Fun can be published sometime. I missed a lot of those. Well, I'm glad that the series lives on electronically, at least. I hope that I see many more zany adventures to come. Keep up the fantastic work! I'd miss everyone!:)



[Another satisfied human being, who trusted the US Mail and Aetherco with her beseechment. Thanks, Michelle, and Happy New Year! :) :) ]



WARCHIEF: The Alumnus -- SHADIS Magazine is home of our latest illustrated wonderment. The strip begins with Issue #32, though don't forget to check out Issue #31, because of a special appearance by some familiar faces in the ad copy. Shadis:

The Yamara book is now available from a number of fine sources, including:

Wizard's Site, Nanticoke PA-- contact Joe Skipkoski (717) 740-2277

Recycled Reading, Astor Square Mall, Rhinebeck NY-- (914) 876-7849

Steve Jackson Games-- after all, the great SJ himself published it! (512) 447-7866

Double Exposure-- yes, the DEXCON/DREAMATION people who have generously donated web and crash space to us have signed copies fer sale! Don't forget to ask Vinny why his Yamara book sales box is still unhighlighted on our web site! (718) 881-4575

Aetherco-- hey! That's us!  We can send you ones signed, and here's how:

$9.95 + $3.00 shipping/handling = $12.95.

Please send check or money order in US funds made out to Aetherco to:

I Want It Signed


PO Box 342

Red Hook NY 12571

Please wait 4-6 weeks for delivery.

HOB, our other other strip found exclusively in d8. d8 magazine is a must buy, if buy you must. That may not make sense, but it's one of the slickest game magazines around, even if the rumors of its folding are true. Has the best-looking web page, hands down. Or write:

Get the complete artistic works of Dan Adams - signed - for one reasonable price!! Featuring his Galactic Empires card "Marine NCO". (Dan's pseudonymous work not included.) Exclusively from Al Sidaras: (914) 386-1534

MYTHOS - The Dreamlands. More deliciously weird cards coming soon to a point-of-purchase display near you. Chris and Heresy  veteran Stephen Barnwell contribute their mad interpretations of Lovecraft's cherished Celephaen empires. Chaosium: (510) 547-7681

Of Gods And Men -- Say, is that Dan Adams' pencil work? No, it's that upstart Chris Adams! Plus hundreds of pages of societies, critters and spells, many of which are pretty keen. Non Sequitur Productions: (414) 840-8115



Where we can be found... but William B. Davis already knew that. You'll have to do better.



Holiday Inn Jetport, Newark NJ; January 30 - February 2, 1997 The third in a series of AVATAR System corraborees! Will Chris Adams get enough sleep to run the rpg plotlines this year? Is Chris Sam Lewis' bishop-- or the other way around?! Heaven help us!! Double Exposure (718) 881-4575



Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee WI; February 6 - 9 TSR's other GenCon, cause GenCon East doesn't exist anymore. Perhaps we will make this one. Everything depends on the workload. TSR (414) 248-3625



Sheraton Meadowlands, Rutherford, NJ; July 2 - 6 Oh, this is gonna be a biggie. If you haven't seen the inside of this hotel, you don't realize what a convention extravaganza it's gonna be. Double Exposure (718) 881-4575


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