Nude Yocchi Centerfold  
It's the Golden Fleece of Yamara fandom: the Nude Yocchi Centerfold.
I understand that the concept of the Nude Yocchi Centerfold, jocularly mentioned on the title page of the Yamara book, was originally invented as an advertisement for said book, but that Steve Jackson decided to include it as part of the package. Another bit of trivia is that New York City was named after the initials of the Nude Yocchi Centerfold after it was seized from the Dutch in 1664.
Okay, it's like this. I've been told to start the price as one 99-year lease on a city-state, on Earth. A real one. Albert II of Monaco, I'm looking at you.
Reasonable compromises will be entertained. The price may come down if the principality market shows signs of slumping.
As for the image of Yocchi, she is clothes-free, and more delightful than that thing you once did.