Approx. Age 20 22 22 22 24 25 25 25 26 29 31 32 34 40 45 55 60 75
Approx. Sex F F M M F F F M Y M M M M M M M M F
Approx. race white (-ish) asian (-ish) white (-ish) white (-ish) guinea pig (-ish) hispanic (-ish) asian (-ish) asian (-ish) Brit (-ish)   (-ish) swed (-ish) (-ish) White (-ish) white thrash (-ish) White (-ish) Pict (-ish) cauc (-ish) W (-ish) (-ish)
Choose one that describes you:
Fan? Pro? Semipro? Comics widow/er? Other?
Fan Semipro Semipro   Other           Pro Other: SQUATTER Fan/Pro Pro Semipro Other   Semipro
1. How did you first hear of webcomics? free comic book day back in the day... probably the now defunct impromanga (online monthly manga) Cool dudes inc. the web I dunno early 90's Friend other web sites friend @ work My brother introduced me By doing one - 1997 YOU   on the net ;) Raina Tellemeir   Mocca convention MOCCA
2. How many webcomics do you believe exist today?
(Try to be accurate to within 10. Guesses are OK.)
2000 English language? a few hundred? eleventy 300ish 16,000 :P 800 20,000 50,000 310 450+ thousands - but 95% suck 1,150 OR UP 10,000 4000 3,336   six or seven thousands ?
3. How much time do you spend per day reading webcomics?   1 hour, longer if I find a new one w/ lots of back issues 1 - 2 13 min.   1 - 2 a week none not much 1 hr. 15 minutes 1 hr. 15 - 20 min. 3 NONE 30 min. - 1 hr. 0 minutes 2 minutes   0 (no computer) NONE
4. Compared to the time you spend reading webcomics, do you...
a. ...spend more time, or less time reading print comics? M M M M M M L M L M L M M M M   M M
b. ...spend more time, or less time watching TV, DVD, and TiVo? M L M L M M L L M M M M M M M   M M
c. ...spend more time, or less time going to the cinema? M L M L = M L L L L L M M M L   M M
d. ...spend more time, or less time playing video games? L L L M M M L L L M L M L M L   M L
e. ...spend more time, or less time playing non-electronic games? L L L M = L L L L L L M L M L   M L
f. ...spend more time, or less time shopping (online and off)? L L M L M M M L M L L M M M L   M L
5. How would you go about telling people who knew to nothing about webcomics, why they rock/suck?   They're cool because they give alla rtists of any ability the opportunity to reach an audience & get feedback. phone, cards, email...   deviantart/cellphone ads I think webcomics are good because they're very accessible and you don't need to hunt them down in stores.
They're also frequently updated with new material.
Sometimes the quality is poor - but there are also a lot of really good ones.
-More variety & niche subjects GO TO SERIALIZER anonymous email I'm new to webcomics. Aside from the occasional Penny Arcade & Homestar Runner (ok, not quite a webcomic) I don't really read them. However, I think they are brilliant– Free comics! Some like Sunday funnies, some, a continuing saga. I WOULD LIKE TO TALK TO THEM. I DONT SMOKE CRACK webcomics are better than newspaper comics because they can be made for anyone without insulting somebodys grandmother [sic] Easy access, same quality experience as print comics free delivery at home/email      
6. Name ALL your favorite webcomics (or list your webcomics links page). Quantz.com :) Dino comics Sluggy Freelance
Red Meat
wha?   visforvacant.com
my faves:
and "the Noob" (can't remember website)
-everything on Girlamatic!
also, Penny Arcade
KAZ, MILLIONAIRE, PANTER everyone at dumbrella.com I've been telling friends to checkout:
Penny Arcade, Homestar, Foamy & most recently, Megatokyo.
Just started w/webcomics. Currently Megatokyo is my fav.
Dumbrella.com and its kin. THAT ONE odeercomics.com
dandy + company
The zoo
I don't read webcomics, but I like Captain Kommunist (no link, sorry!) Greystone Inn