Arcalula's Cybernetic Statistics

Important details have been modified or edited to foil any of Arky's enemies who might be trolling the web.
nervous system interface
and communications
Eve Overtasker Pro with System XLVI
Arky has pirated absurd amounts of wetware over the years, and is able to manipulate most unshielded telecommunications and data systems, or patch into any other live streams in her midst.
Vanese Allband antenna, model A
Stand-alone wideband receiving range 100 km; transmission range dependent on conditions, but can send on most wavelengths and certain particle streams– capable of high-energy bursts. Retractable.
Cherub 9560 voicebox
Allows for reproduction of complete sonic range; max. output around 200 dB, which would seriously harm Arky's organic parts; she has it set at a default maximum of about 130 dB.
Makes imitating any voice or sound very simple.
engine HARK8500-M98 heart implant
Metabolic enhancer and stabilizer, master control circuit for maximizing output and overseeing repair of all of her organic interfaces
endoskeleton Thrandian prototype manufacture
Predominantly a ceramic/titanium alloy allowing for low magnetic interference and internal marrow production.
musculature interface Trisymbiotic cell structure
Enhanced tissue; extreme loads handled by endoskeletal elements
toolkit and maintenance nano, handcrafted by the Uwtezå people
While self-replicating, these nanites sole function is to maintain (and remain within) known parameters. In unfamiliar surround, or when sent to do a task that has not been carefully preprogrammed, these microbots simply shut down and begin to decay.
hand and arm– selected ligatures:
left hand index finger
acts as grappling hook; 875m quadrawire spool in forearm, anchored in elbow assembly.
Entire apparatus able to suspend up to five metric tons.
finger text...
implant text...
right hand thumb
contains a variety of diamond and laser saws
pinky and its joints
concealed hypodermic; various chemicals and drugs can be synthesized directly from her gastral array
Both hands have full-intuitive interface capability for data transfer and smart-accessory manipulation.
maneuverability Zambon retractable power inlines (700 series)
One of the most efficient accessories in motorized feetware, the Zambon inlines have a groundspeed of up to 353 kph, 0 to 100 kph in 2.3 seconds. They are capable of propelling Arky up gradients as steep as 87º.
Each skate can operate independently; full automatic transmission. Drives cooled via shin ducts.
Air/Sea Jetwalker™ Rapid Burst Transit Pack (ribspring model)
implant text tba...
weapons TBA
implant text tba...
other gastral array
implant text tba...
skin & hair
implant text tba...
original organic components  
  • At the time of her capture, Thrandian tests indicated Arcalula had an intelligence equivalent to a Terran IQ rating of 100 (AD&D1e INT 9; Dreamcatcher [M]3).
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Watch for more specs as Arky uploads them!

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